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We are a group of people who have chosen to heal from narcissistic abuse trauma and reclaim our potential to experience fulfillment, joy and purpose as well as being a beneficial presence in this world.

This community is a dynamic platform providing access to ongoing resources and support for your healing and self development.

Learn how to use Heartshine EFT to support your healing on a daily basis and create new possibilities in your life.


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Weekly Office Hours & Live Tapping

Every month you will get live support from group experts with weekly virtual office hours and monthly Live Tapping Circles with Niko Ana.

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Explore a vast wealth of educational content and resources such as Heartshine EFT tutorials, live Q&A events, free courses, master class replays and guided meditations.


Connection & Support

Feel the power of being in a intentional community of people who want to share their challenges and successes.

The benefits of this type of safe support system are immeasurable when healing from NA.

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 Coaches & Trainers


Healing & Helping Professionals


Holistic & Spiritual Entrepreneurs


Personal Development Junkies 


Anyone with a Desire to be a Beneficial Presence in the World


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Learn How to Use Heartshine EFT for Daily Stress Relief & Creating New Boundaries With Narcissistic Relationships


Get Support, Share & Connect With Others Who Are Doing the Same


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"I had no idea how important boundaries could be in my life. This community has helped me understand their importance in my process of healing."

Kim Crenwelge

"Being educated around narcissism versus the hearsay of what you see on social media labeling people, is a night and day experience. The way Niko teaches engrains a heart level understanding you can apply."

Sarah Stoiber-Kumar


I'm Niko Ana Jeanne.

I've been in the field of healing, transformation and education for 25 years and my vision is a world free of life destroying narcissistic systems that exist in families, communities, organizations and governments.

Having healed a lifetime of painful patterns including panic disorder, PTSD, narcissistic abuse and codependency, I believe that healing your own individual trauma and understanding healthy boundaries are the most powerful way to fulfill this vision.

If you are reading this, you likely want to be a beneficial presence in this world. 

Please know that you are not alone and many successful and influential people in the world had to deal with a painful past and learned that healing and boundaries are non negotiable if you want to fulfill your potential.

I hope you join our community movement to create a world that is compassionate, supportive and safe for everyone to express their authentic being.

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