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Case Study

"Working with Niko for the past 2 years has completely changed the way I view and do things, personally and in my business. It’s changed my brain on levels you have no idea are possible until you’re there. Getting real about my family’s past and how I have been living out the stories of fear and loss that were imprinted in my brain, limiting the way I go through life… all the while I had no idea I was doing that to myself. I am eternally grateful to this heart ninja for showing me how to release myself from decades of self torment that didn’t even belong to me. I am not just a number, a branch of a family tree, I am my own revolutionary leader and it begins with me if I choose to do the work to make it so, and now I get to pass that on to my clients. Love you Niko!"

Sarah Stoiber-Kumar

Founder and CEO at Red Phoenix Life

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