$347.00 USD

Reparenting the Inner Child With EFT: Level 1 & 2

Learn to reparent the Inner Child for yourself and your clients in this comprehensive on demand workshop course.

This is what it will cover:

🗣️ The concept of inner child and inner adult and how to dialogue using EFT.

🧘‍♀️ Meditation to connect with your inner child and your inner master.

🤔 What is re-parenting?

👩‍👦 How the inner child & the inner adult can express.

😁 Dialoguing role play.

🙋‍♀️ Stabilizing the inner adult.

🤢 Rules of the toxic family.

👶 Reparenting in a past event with EFT.

📖 The Children's Story Technique.

🤓 Demos and Q&A.

💬 Interactive lessons where you can comment and ask questions.

😲 Over 20 hours of training.


Participants will come away with a solid basic process for how to lead themselves and clients in this process and how to navigate challenges that may come up.*

Included in this on demand workshop course is LIVE Mentoring and Q&A Calls with Niko Ana Jeanne every month in 2024 where you get special insight, support and mentoring around common challenges that come up with applying this knowledge and technique in your practice.


🥳 Heartshine EFT Certificate of Completion will be awarded by email once finished.

*This workshop is for students or coaches and practitioners of EFT. You must have a working knowledge in order to apply these techniques effectively.