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Spiritual Warriors Slay Trauma

Most of us have an idea in our head of what a warrior looks like. Movies and TV depicts them as physically strong, good looking, tough and having super powers, right? We also have an idea of what it means to be spiritual, right?

Humble, peaceful, giving, pious......... sound familiar?

And what is trauma? Does it always involve surviving physical violence or the most obvious types of abuse? Does it have to look like what we see in the movies?

The ultimate trauma is just being born into a body and experiencing separation from source. So all humans have a level of trauma whether we want to admit it or not.

Lately I have redefined what it means to be spiritual, recover from trauma and even thrive afterwards. I have learned that the bravest people in the world are the ones who are willing to look deep inside and find the inner warrior who overcomes the darkest parts of our being.

These are the parts of our being that have been obscured by toxic family systems, generational trauma and any unhealthy belief systems we have picked up along the way.

It takes immense strength to ignore the distractions of daily life and face the inner world that was constructed from guilt and shame.

It takes commitment to bring yourself back to the present moment over and over again no matter how many times your mind tries to drag you along the road of fear and negativity, ruminating on past hurts and obsessing over possible future disasters.

It takes courage to heal and know you deserve to heal.

Being spiritual does not mean that you are not allowed to protect yourself from emotionally unsafe people.

For me, being on a spiritual healing journey is about understanding that having boundaries with those who would abuse you is the most loving thing you can do.

If we are all one, then allowing another to harm you actually harms them as well. A true warrior protects their loved ones from this danger.

So why do so many of us who are on this path hide and downplay this as a warrior's path?

Because we are afraid of our own power. We are terrified to be right. If we are powerful and right, then those who we love that hurt us would be wrong.

For the inner child this is the worst reality. When we were young we needed our parents and caregivers to be right so we could feel safe.

If they were not safe, we had to make up stories in our mind that everything was ok. We focused on the good things about them and ignored the rest.

Healing the inner child requires facing the pain that you were right about them being wrong. The adult must take charge and own this truth no matter how scary it may seem.

It may feel dangerous to face these truths but it is actually the path to freedom from the inner demons that haunt us when we get still. When we finally turn around and face that past we have been ignoring for so long, look it right in the eye and say........ "I see you for what you truly are........... an illusion behind the mask of a monster."

Slay that demon with awareness.

Some days, I feel like I could slay any demon real or imagined........and somedays I feel like that child who was told she was small and weak.

It's not the ability to be strong everyday that matters, it's the journey of bringing yourself home over and over again to your heart.

Spiritual warriors come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors. They have faced everything from childhood abuse, holocaust, racism, sexism, sexual molestation, neglect, anxiety, depression, self loathing, addictions and so much more.

None of that touches the true core of our being that is love.

The world cannot change who you are by slinging the mud of shame and guilt over being born into whatever circumstance you were born into.

The only true thing is the present moment where the past does not exist and the future is only a creation of our mind.

Today I stand before you claiming the victory of healing a lifetime of trauma. It feels amazing and scary at the same time. All I know is that I will keep going no matter what shows up.

Are you ready to claim your inner warrior and redefine what it means to be spiritual, strong and powerful in the world and your body?

I hope so because it's time.

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