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You can achieve true healing from narcissistic abuse no matter how long it has been going on or what role this person / persons have played in your life.


The first step is to be able to wrap your head around a set of behaviors that are toxic. This begins the healing process because it creates a container to put the dysfunctional relationship in and get some emotional distance.


Understanding more about this imbalance empowers you to start accepting that it is not about you and is out of your control.

Take The Self Assessment

Below is a self assessment and are some typical signs you may be or have been in a relationship with someone suffering from narcissistic personality disorder.*

Please answer these questions as honestly as possible for the best results and remember when answering yes to a question you are saying this person is capable of the action or behavior but may or may not have it all the time.

The probability scale is below:

If the answers are yes to

0 questions: none

less than 3 questions: mild 

3-6 questions: moderate

7-12 questions: high

13-15 questions: extreme

1. Does this individual tend to have a marked lack of compassion or empathy towards you and others most or all of the time? (or at times appear to have empathy towards others excluding you.)


2. When you try to hold this individual accountable for their actions or behaviors do they become angry, blaming, avoidant, dismissive, victimized or misdirect you in order to avoid responsibility?


3. Does this individual tend to display any behaviors that could cause harm to people's emotional, mental, physical health or tangible resources such as money or property?


4. Does this individual have a different personality or behaviors at home (or when you are alone) versus in front of others? 


5. In conversations does this individual manage to direct the topic back to themselves often?


6. Is this individual extremely sensitive to any kind of criticism or feedback whether constructive or not?


7. Is this individual highly critical, difficult, and hard to please?


8. Has this individual been loving and kind one moment and then withholding and cruel the next?


9. Does this individual seem to lie or make up stories frequently? 


10. When you confront this individual about harmful actions do they become blaming, abusive, and twist your words until you're so confused you give up?


11. Do you notice this individual does not want to follow rules or respect anyone's boundaries? (especially yours.)


12. Does this individual seem to feel entitled to your time, energy, attention and other forms of resources?


13. Does this individual have a need for control in every situation?


14. Does this individual tend to exaggerate their achievements and even try to take credit for yours?


15. Has this person tried to discredit you to others by lying or sharing information that was supposed to be private?

*This self assessment is not meant to diagnose any mental illness or take the place of professional mental health support.

If you feel you need support from a mental health professional please visit this site.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions I know how much you have suffered and how hard you have tried to make this work. If you have determined you might be in a relationship with a narcissist, you might be feeling overwhelmed. My heart goes out to you and I want you to know that you are not alone.


If you can take only one step right now to begin your journey out of this toxic situation, let it be the awareness you are dealing with someone who might be mentally ill or imbalanced in a way you never wanted to admit to yourself before.


It's not your fault and you are not crazy.

I invite you to watch my free master class to learn how you can start healing now. Feel free to email me with your questions and download the meditation on my home page as well.

My Master Labs are for transformation & helping professionals who wish to heal from this type of abuse so they can reach their highest potential in their business and life. To apply please get on a chat with me.