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  Heartshine EFT Free Community

A Monthly Live Community Event With Niko Ana Jeanne + Free Resources + Private Social Media Forum

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Free Community

Join our community of healing & transformation professionals today and start your journey to cultivate more peace, purpose and prosperity in your life and business.

Private Social Media Forum

When you download my free app, you get access to our community discussion forum and the link to join the live event.

Free Resources

Simple and Easy to Follow Exercises, Lessons, Mini Trainings and Meditations Supplement Your Personal & Professional Growth.

Heartshine Tapping Circle

Join Niko Ana Jeanne & Like-Minded Individuals on the Same Journey of Reclaiming the Authentic Self in this Monthly Live Event. 

What is the Heartshine EFT Community?

This is unlike another free Facebook group or other free social media community. 

I created this free community app to meet the need for meaningful and intentional spiritual connection with self and others that is based in practices I've used to heal and transform my life.

Heartshine EFT is an Energy Psychology technique that blends tapping, heart coherence and reparenting the inner child.

Free from religious dogma, organizational doctrine and spiritual bypass, I invite you to learn to be your own source and heal the patterns in your life that stop you from stepping into the highest version of yourself.

The Heartshine Resources gives you lessons on a basic understanding of Heartshine EFT and how to apply it as an ongoing self healing practice, as well as supplemental trainings, exercises and meditations.

The monthly live event, Heatshine Tapping Circle, allows us to connect in real time and share the practice of Heartshine EFT as a group. 

This format is meant to be simplistic so as to not add to the constant distraction and demands that social media places on our being.

In Oneness, 🙏🏼

Niko Ana Jeanne

Narcissistic Trauma Healing & Reparenting Expert

Energy Psychology Master Trainer