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where there is love... there is healing
Imagine Your Future Filled With Love, Joy, Purpose And Connection!

It is your birthright to live to your highest potential and free from constant fear, worry and dread. You can choose to claim that now by taking one step towards healing.

On my path of spiritual development I've healed from narcissistic abuse and now I help others on this path do the same.

Learn more in my free tutorial for thriving after narcissistic abuse.
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As a sensitive and compassionate person on the path of personal spiritual development, it's difficult for you to face the prospect that you might be or have been in a very toxic relationship with an important person in your life. You might be a professional working in the field of transformation, healing and helping; or you might be on a personal journey that intersects with this world.

Because of this you have likely been tying yourself into knots for years trying to make up for the deficiencies and difficulties in this relationship. 


You've tried and tried to make this relationship work because your values include cooperation, collaboration, connection, empathy and kind communication. You thought that if you could make up the difference somehow and take responsibility for this relationship's problems and challenges that you could prove yourself a reasonable and intelligent person with meaningful relationships.


But the incredible cost this relationship has had on you is starting to get hard to ignore. Whether it's a current relationship or past relationship doesn't matter because the long-lasting effects still exist in your energy system and affect every part of your life.


You feel alone, powerless, frustrated, guilty, ashamed, and like you're going crazy. Sometimes you wonder if it's all in your head or all your fault and you feel like so confused about what's real and what's not. 

But you are not alone! You can get support and and healing tools right here. Start with the self assessment  to determine if you might be dealign with someone suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder.