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Helping Healing & Transformation Professionals Tap Into Peace, Purpose & Prosperity 

Gain Traction in Your Business By Learning to Release Narcissistic Trauma & Reparenting The Inner Child with Heartshine EFT.


This will result in......


Finally getting your energy back for what you want to accomplish and experience in life. 


Feeling at ease, safe and relaxed in your body. 


Being able to enjoy emotionally safe and healthy relationships.


Living without constant anxiety, worry and doubt.


Creating the wealth you deserve by doing work you love and being a beneficial presence in the world.


Without years of therapy and thousands of dollars spent on courses or self help books.


Do you have a burning desire to make a difference in the world?

Do you have a burning desire to make a difference in the world?



I see a world free of life destroying narcissistic systems by individuals healing their own narcissistic abuse trauma.

This world would be filled with supportive, compassionate people who are connected by purpose and meaningful lives that make a difference.

Imagine yourself living to your full potential as you enjoy healthy relationships, meaningful work, wellness and abundance in all areas of your life.

In my mastermind, I work with entrepreneurs such as healing, helping and transformation professionals who are feeling stuck and stalled in their business.

Whether you suspect you may have narcissistic trauma or not, let me help you get clear on where you are stuck and what you can do about it.

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I've had the privilege of working with Niko over the past few months, and it has been life changing. Having worked with therapists and other EFT practitioners in the past, I can confidently say that the immediate and profound change I experienced while working with Niko was unlike anything I had ever encountered before.

I meet Niko for a session, it feels like I say about 5 sentences and then Niko knows exactly what is underneath the issue or exactly the right questions to ask, suddenly we are unravelling unhealthy patterns that I've had forever quickly and easily with a few tears along the way.

the sessions with Niko produced transformative outcomes. I noticed profound changes in my perspective and emotional well-being right from the start. Situations or people that used to cause me huge anxiety were suddenly no problem at all. Conversations that I've never been able to have were suddenly too easy.

Through our sessions together I started to realise the importance of valuing myself and putting myself first and it has become much easier to do this. This is what you do with Niko. Self love, self acceptance and self healing. Which then means that every area of your life improves.

Niko's genuine care and dedication to my healing journey were evident throughout our work together and the voice messages I would receive between sessions

If you're seeking a kind and extremely skilled practitioner who can create profound change in your life i wholeheartedly recommend Niko.

Thank you Niko I am forever grateful to you

Mel Young

Owner at Flowerdale Valley

"I have known Niko for a few years and decided to work with her because I knew I needed help to break some old patterns that were holding me back in my life and business. I had just come out of another painful relationship that had diminished my sense of self-worth and left me reeling and confused. Niko skillfully guided me to identify and uncover what was needed to heal, and supported me through the process. Every session was revealing, enlightening and deeply healing. I have no issues recommending Niko if you need help to heal from narcissistic abuse and want support going no contact and taking your life to the next level of happiness and well-being"

Sanae Floyd

Business Breakthrough Coach and Sales Mentor
Founder of The Coaches Business Academy
Author of "Paid In Full: Free Yourself From The Burden Of Debt and Live Your Best Life Now."

"Do not miss your chance to work with Niko! Her gifts, wisdom, clarity and compassion helped me tremendously to uncover the patterns of narcissism in my family that have kept me trapped in guilt, shame and insecurity and I am now able to be at peace with modified contact. You may not yet know the level of loving and compassionate awareness you will have after working with her!"

Mirjam Paninski

Clinical EFT and Healing Practitioner,
Director of Stress Solutions at EFT Universe, Researcher, Writer & Yogini

About Me


I'm Niko Ana Jeanne and I have been blessed with a path that allowed me to heal a lifetime of painful patterns including panic disorder, CPTSD, narcissistic abuse and codependency as well as chronic health conditions.

Through healing my own trauma, I was able to also model this healing and facilitate it for others. 

My goal is to help you heal faster, better, genter and with as much joy as possible.

I'm the founder of the Heartshine EFT Mastermind, Certified Clinical EFT and Energy Psychology Practitioner, EFT Universe Trainer & Mentor, Life Coach, QiGong & Meditation Teacher and have been in the field of personal development, education and healing for over 28 years.


Please contact my team with questions or comments below. Thank you for visiting my site.