Reparenting The Inner Child & Releasing Narcissistic Trauma Is The Key For Healing & Transformation Professionals To Tap Into

Peace, Purpose & Prosperity.

And the quickest way to attain this is through the Heartshine EFT Mastermind


Most personal, business and spiritual growth programs offer some form of healing technique or strategy that focuses on changing behaviors.

You may experience some breakthroughs, and you may walk away feeling great…

Until life shows up again, to teach us that we still have unresolved issues.  And guaranteed, life will ALWAYS show up!

It can feel like you’re helplessly doomed to experience the same repeat patterns that keep you stuck in life and business.

Different situations.  But the same repeating negative emotions over and over, same feelings of being victimized, isolated, frustrated and in physical or emotional pain.

This is where the Heartshine EFT Mastermind is unique


By understanding and releasing the core trauma, created as a result of being exposed to the toxicity of a narcissistic system - whether family, society, corporate, generational

- you’re finally able to safely and authentically express your highest potential,
and THRIVE in your life, and your business.



You set yourself free

You finally get to experience the vitality and energy needed to work on your dreams and accomplish your goals

You feel at ease, safe and relaxed in your body

You’re able to fully embrace and enjoy emotionally safe and healthy relationships

You set yourself free from the constant anxiety, worry and doubt that hold you back from your authentic expression

You connect with your truth as a spiritual being

You get to create the wealth you deserve, doing work you love and being a beneficial presence in the world

And finally standing in a place of true authentic expression and freedom, without years of therapy and thousands of dollars spent on various courses or self help books.

Hannah owned a successful coaching business, and was blissfully happy with her children and her long term partner, James.

But like a bolt out of the blue, she discovered that James had been cheating on her. She was shocked and hurt, and ended the relationship.

Everyone was amazed at how brilliantly she handled the break-up, as she threw herself into her work.

Almost a year later, business was booming, and Hannah felt great and she thought she’d hit the jack-pot when she was wooed by a dashing, successful and wealthy lawyer, called Mark.

Mark swept her off her feet with promises of romance, fidelity and adventure! 

The relationship developed rapidly, a little too quickly for Hannah’s comfort but she just ‘went along with it’.  

But Hannah noticed that her business was declining.  Inquiries were drying up, and her funds were running low.

She was so distracted by this new relationship that she was having trouble focusing.

To add insult to injury, her dashing lawyer began to exhibit superiority, control and disdain towards her.   She began to feel bullied by him, she had trouble expressing herself because he would yawn loudly or insult her point of view…

And whenever she told him that his behaviour was rude, he always managed to twist it to make it look like it was her fault.   Hannah began to doubt and second guess herself.  Was she crazy?

Long story short,  Hannah ended the relationship after a particularly fierce fight.  

She felt so relieved and threw herself back into her business - hoping to revive it, since it was flat-lining. 

The business continued to flat-line.  

Consumed with shame, unresolved anger toward James and rage at herself for having allowed herself to be bullied by Mark, she knew she needed more than the conventional mindset methods to heal. 

Through the Heartshine EFT Mastermind she was able to recognise and release the deep trauma that previously undetected narcissistic relationships had caused her…

And re-parent and fulfill her inner child's unmet needs…

Therefore clearing the blocks, unleashing her potential and freeing her up to express herself fully and authentically in her life and her business.

Stephanie had a dream to quit her corporate job and start her coaching practice.

She had been working at the same company for 10 years and even though she felt some aspects of her career were fulfilling, there was a great deal of stress in her body everyday.

Lately, there had been sudden and shocking layoffs that did not seem to be based on job performance.

Executives were handing down goals to meet that seemed impossible.

More and more, it did not seem safe to express feelings or concerns about projects or workloads being unreasonable.

It did not even seem safe to ask for vacation or days off even though they were being told to pay attention to “work life balance”

The messages coming from higher up and direct reports were confusing and not in alignment.

Stephanie was feeling helpless and confused.

She was constantly doubting herself.

But, despite her intuition that something was off in the company, she stayed a little longer than she had intended to while she was building her business on the side.
Then one day it happened.

She was called into her boss’s office suddenly and told she was being let go effective immediately. (something about restructuring)

She was then escorted back to her desk to get her things and escorted off the premises.

She was locked out of her email and not allowed to speak with her former co-workers and colleagues she had spent years with.

She was devastated.

She tried to convince herself this was a blessing in disguise because now she could focus on her coaching business.

But after several weeks she was still procrastinating on getting things done to fully launch her business.

She found herself crippled with self doubt from the incident with her former employer.

Even though Stephanie had not been in a relationship with an individual who had “broken up” with her, the effects were very similar.

She felt discarded and objectified. Like she never mattered in the first place.

After she gave 10 years of her life to that position!

When she was able to find the beliefs that set her up to stay in a system (workplace) that did not value her as a human being and realized she should have left years ago, she finally was able to move on and create something for herself.

She healed her inner child wounds that caused her to believe she wasn’t good enough to be on her own and kept her playing small in a toxic workplace for so long.

This is where the Heartshine EFT Mastermind is unique


Hannah and Stephanie experienced very different kinds of trauma, but by understanding and releasing the core beliefs, created as a result of being exposed to the toxicity of a narcissistic system - whether family, society, corporate - they were finally able to express their potential for peace, purpose and prosperity.


The real problem is the unrecognized and therefore unmet needs of your inner child, that has set you up for co dependency and vulnerability to toxic narcissistic relationships.

It’s no wonder, many traditional therapies don’t work.

They fail to deal deeply and directly with those unhealed traumas that are stored in your body. 

The pervasiveness of narcissism is running rampant in our societies.

Our lack of awareness of this entity is the reason for this.

We don’t even realize how damaging it is until it’s caused us so much harm we hit bottom.

Not to mention how narcissistic traits can be normalized and even encouraged in some societies and cultures.

Narcissism thrives in a paradigm of lack and black and white thinking.

Win or lose.

Live or die.

This sets us up for co-dependency and abuse because we are living in fear of lack.

It’s a survival mode and is not sustainable for anyone who wants more from life than simply getting through one crisis after another.

It also blocks you from the part of your brain that is responsible for creativity, problem solving and rational thought.

As a business owner it is imperative that you can access states of flow, creativity and coherence in order to be successful.

Imagine the current pain you feel right now of not fulfilling your potential being 100 times worse in a couple of years from now or 1000 times worse in 10 years from now.

Or experience the regret that you feel when you know deep inside you have something to share that could benefit others, but you never got any traction and gave up.

Isn’t time to heal your inner child now rather than suffer far worse in the future by possibly getting involved in yet another narcissistic relationship, situation or system that may lead to further physical, mental, emotional or even financial losses.

I know what this pain is like.
I’ve been in your shoes.

I know what this pain is like. I’ve been in your shoes.

When I first started my coaching practice over 7 years ago, I was wide eyed and bushy tailed.

I was imagining myself sitting on a beach with a laptop, checking my paypal account and seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars of passive income pouring in every day.

Just like the ads for the newest marketing guru showed me!

“All you need to do is follow my easy step by step process”

Sound familiar?

Not to say their process couldn’t work as it obviously did for them.

But as I invested in course after course, program after program and continued to fall short and sputter out, I started to think there must be something wrong with me.

“If all these people out there are making this work and living their dream life, they must have something I don’t.”

“They must have some unfair advantage or be much smarter than me.”

I kept looking for the answer “out there” in new strategies and new tactics.

Year after year I failed to meet my goals and manifest my dreams.

I was filled with self doubt and anxiety and even considered throwing in the towel and settling for a “job” that was barely fulfilling and kept me playing small.

But what I did not know back then was that the very thing holding me back was so simple and had nothing to do with a marketing system or a business strategy.

When I discovered the key to my inability to make my life and business goals come true, and began focusing on the “right things” I was surprised at how easy it was to make progress and get results.

True success comes from knowing and aligning with your truth.
Learning to trust your intuition and decisions.

But many people are plagued with constant doubt, worry and confusion.

They have been led to believe that if you just fix your external circumstances, such as relationships, finances and work, then everything will fall into place.

But I have seen so many coaches and other healing professionals fall into this trap and spend so much money only to fall short with results.

Or invest enormous time and energy into trying to repair a narcissistic relationship based on how you would approach a non narcissistic person.

Such as couples or family therapy, non violent communication, trying to twist themselves into knots to please the other and compromising their truth over and over again.

Each time the attempt fails at some point even if there were periods of time when it seemed to get better.

The problem with all of these approaches is that they don’t go to the root problem which is an internal set of beliefs that are hardwired into our neurology.

The good news is that modern neuroscience tells us that our brain is flexible and can be re-wired or re-patterned with the right tools and awareness.

When we turn towards ourselves and become aware of our unmet needs from childhood and identify the experiences that created limiting (and untrue) beliefs such as…..

“I’m not good enough”

“I don’t deserve love.”

“I’m broken.”

“I’ll never get what I want.”

“Everything is my fault.”

Then we can learn how to release these experiences from our mind and body and replace them with beliefs that support our goals.

Then energy starts to flow, we feel at ease in our bodies and we begin to enjoy life again.

We start to see possibilities that we could not see before and opportunities come from places we had not conceived of.

Tasks that seemed impossible suddenly seem trivial and help arrives in the form of people, money and other resources.

We stop trying to fix the people in our lives and let them be responsible for their own health and well being.

It is an incredibly freeing feeling.

In the Heartshine EFT Mastermind, you will get access to all the resources you need to finally fulfill your potential and live the life you deserve.

Who is the Heartshine EFT Mastermind for?

Coaches, healing and helping professionals with narcissistic trauma, who are starting their business or already working with clients / customers / audiences. 

Any professional who wants to be educated about narcissistic trauma and reparenting the inner child for themselves and their own clients. 

Who is the Heartshine EFT Mastermind NOT for?

People who are seeking therapy or mental health services.

This is coaching and it's not suitable for individuals who may require ongoing clinical professional intervention.

Anyone who is not an entreprenuer or practicing transformation or healing / helping professional.

The Heartshine EFT Master Course

Unlock the secrets to releasing narcissistic trauma and reparenting your inner child through our comprehensive master course. Gain the knowledge and tools you need to heal and thrive including tapping exercises in every module.

Welcome Module

Connect With Your "Deeper Why" which is the true motivation for why you want to heal and create success for yourself. This will help anchor and pull you forward when challenges arise on the journey.

Module 0

Cultivate daily practices for creating a calm, stable and coherent nervous system in order to stabilize your “inner adult”. This prepares you for the reparenting and boundaries work in the next modules.

Module 1

Understanding the paradigm, pathological model of narcissism and narcissistic traits.

Module 2

Learning how to connect with and reparent your inner child for deep and sustainable healing.

Module 3

Identify codependency, trauma bonds and learn how to create healthy boundaries by understanding the levels of contact with narcissists.

Module 4

Enter the “healing container” where you go within and resolve the internal conflicts and core beliefs that keep you stuck. Work with you inner child and reparent the unmet needs that led to unhealthy boundaries.

Module 5

Learn the “Toxic & Dysfunctional Family Rules” so you can begin to create a new experience of life for you and your inner child. Release trauma gently with the children’s story technique.

Module 6

Connect with your authentic self and reconnect with your gifts, talents and skills you are meant to share with the world with a powerful exercise to release your fear of shining your light.

Here's what you get when you join the Heartshine EFT Mastermind Valued at Over $15,000:

Powerful Master Course

Immediate access to a powerful master course that teaches you everything you need to know about healing narcissistic trauma and reparenting your inner child

(Value $2500)

Bonus Live Events

A monthly live mastermind call in 2024 with Niko for group work and coaching around whatever is coming up for you in the core content of the master course, plus member connection calls and master classes.

(Value $10,000): 

Private Community

A private community open 24/7 where you can connect with people just like you who are sharing their challenges and wins as they heal and thrive as well as access to me and group experts.

(Value $500)

Replay Archives

A robust ongoing archive of all call replays and bonus trainings.

(Value $1500) 

Private Mentoring

Get 3 private mentoring calls with a Certified Heartshine EFT Coach when you join.

(Value $500)

Meditations & Healing

Bonus content such as guided healing meditations, energy exercises and more.

(Value $100)

Advanced Training For Coaches & EFT Professionals

Bonus training to learn how to use reparenting the inner child with EFT when working with your clients. This is a certificate program.

(Value $347)


Heartshine EFT Vision, Mission and Core Values


A world free of life destroying narcissistic systems by individuals healing their own narcissistic abuse and generational trauma. This world is filled with supportive, compassionate people who are connected by purpose and meaningful lives that make a difference.


Guiding spiritual entreprenuers and transformation professionals to release individual narcissistic and generational trauma in order to unleash their potential for peace, purpose & prosperity and make a greater impact on the world.

Core Values


Meet The Team

Kim Crenwegle

Chief Inspiration Officer & Live Event Support

Tabitha Frazer

Certified Heartshine EFT Coach & Community mentor

Kathy Cavanaugh

Certified Heartshine EFT Coach & Community mentor

I thought of charging $5000 for all of this even though it is worth well over $15,000, but I knew that would make it out of reach for some people. 
So I decided to make absolutely everything in this mastermind available for only...



Save $325.00




Budget Convenience


Lifetime Membership Includes

The Heartshine EFT Master Course for Releasing Narcissistic Trauma & Reparenting The Inner Child.

Private Mentoring

Private Community Discussion Access

Bonus Live Monthly Mastermind Calls in 2024 with Niko Ana Jeanne.

Bi-Monthly Member Connection Call

Bonus Master Classes for Personal & Professional Development including a Training for Reparenting the Inner Child with your Clients

Replay Archive For Live Events

Now that you might have some insight on what has been blocking you.

And you have considered it may not be true that something is wrong with you. And you have the opportunity to get all the resources you need to finally overcome this in one place. The way I see it is you have 3 options.
You can:

Keep going the way you are without changing anything. You may not be in enough emotional pain to be ready for change and that’s ok. (no judgement, I promise!)

Try to go it alone and piece together a DIY plan. This could be effective if you have the time and energy to gather all the resources and support you need from various resources. Truthfully, most people who are already isolated in this particular kind of suffering have little success keeping up progress on their own. This is a difficult and hard path but not impossible.

Take the easier and quicker path by benefiting from my years of experience which has resulted in a shortcut path to healing and thriving. Join a community that is a movement not just a course. Release trauma in the most gentle and joyful way possible.

Join the Heartshine EFT Mastermind



Save $325.00




Budget Convenience


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