Recognizing The Signs of Narcissistic Trauma in Yourself and Your Clients 

Hosted by Niko Ana Jeanne


What is Narcissistic Trauma?

Who Is Vulnerable To Narcissistic Abuse?

What Are The Subtle Signs of a Narcissistic Dynamic?

Learn More About The Narcissistic Dynamic

In this webinar, we will learn about the narcissistic dynamic, the subtle signs and what you can do to start addressing it.

If you are like me, you are motivated to help yourself so you can be a beneficial presence for others. 

It's my mission to educate coaches, healing and helping professionals about this damaging and pervasive energy called narcissism.

So many of us are not even aware this is happening in our lives because it is subtle and not talked about.

I'm here to empower you to recognize this dynamic in your own life and your clients so you both can finally unleash your potential for peace, purpose and prosperity.

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